Why Retail

Today when the need of every Mobile App is Quick & Quality User Acquisition, Retail channel is the best choice for them as it not only helps in getting the user base without the dependency on any Application Store but can also be used for various BTL marketing & promotional Activities as Retail Outlet is the actual point of connect with End users.

Region wise targeting Is very much possible in Retail channel, it also help in direct interactions with the Users, First-hand Information pertaining to Actual users can be gathered to understand the users behaviour and also this information can be used for further analytics.

One of the other major advantages of Retail channel is there is Mobile Brand agnostic, which ever brand sells more, the more users acquired on that brand.

Today Retail channel is one of the preferred channels for all the Mobile App companies, the dependency on App Stores to download an application can be restricted, as the application will be made available to the users as soon as they buy a Smartphone. Retail channel can also play a key role in educating the users about the App functionality & its usage.

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